Are you trapped by your fear of death?

The fear of death phobia is called thanatophobia and is one of the group of anxiety provoking emotional responses that (at one level) we have no choice but to accept, we can try to fight it, however, we will lose in the end, people will pass away and we too will one day expire. Of course, we know this! And that is what makes the cycle of this restrictive and over-whelming anxiety disorder so futile, we are scared of dying and that makes us scared of living, it is a lose-lose situation.

Of all the millions of species of creatures on this planet, humans are the only ones that are innately aware of their fragility (life-span) and are the only ones who have the mental capacity to think about what may or may not happen during their life and after death. Perhaps ignorance would be bliss? Or, perhaps, knowledge is power – if it used in the right way, to motivate rather than to incarcerate.

The anxious thoughts about death and dying, tend to take 3 main forms:

  • A fear of your own death
  • A fear of the loss of a loved one
  • A fear of dead things and a repulsion of corpses (necrophobia usually can be traced to a past traumatic event)

Of course, the individual unknowingly blows everything up into a huge drama, through fear of having an anxiety or panic attack and knowingly (or unknowingly) they feel that they have to control everything and everybody to make sure they are kept safe! However, safe is a very subjective statement and needs to be looked at with context in mind, safe but trapped, safe but miserable, safe but scared, safe but anxious, safe but lonely……….

Anxiety symptoms from a fear of death phobia

If you are experiencing a fear of death or dying then it is likely you will face some of the following challenges:
  • A generalized anxiety that follows you all through the day
  • A mind that won’t stop worrying about all the things that could go wrong
  • Irrational fears about the health of your loved ones
  • Trouble concentrating and focusing your attention
  • Perhaps the need to stay away from ill people
  • Perhaps worrying about any aches and pains in your body
  • Difficulty maintaining relationships
  • Discomfort visiting hospitals
  • Discomfort attending funerals
  • Constantly looking at the past as evidence of what might happen in the future

Feelings and emotions brought on by this morbid phobia can be quite overpowering and crippling, often disrupting the persons ability to work effectively. When anxious episodes fire off it can be hard to reign your emotions back in and regardless of how others try to reassure you, their advice often falls on deaf ears because once the fear of death panic attack begins the fear seems so real.

The result of all this worry and avoidance behaviour leaves you feeling absolutely exhausted (mentally and physically) and it is hard to not fall into a destructive cycle of procrastination and depression at a life trapped rather than lived.

Online treatment for thanatophobia

All sufferers of the fear of death phobia know that it is silly, they know they are going to die, they know other people manage to accept it – at a conscious level they know all of this, of course they do! Therefore, the problem must lie at an unconscious level outside of the reach of logic rational conscious mind and to compound this detachment the user has normally created quite a few habits and justifying stories that they use to stop themselves feeling mad.

The Calmness In Mind Anxiety & OCD Recovery Program teaches you how to step out of the old habits and anxious death related fears and teaches you where you need to focus, to:

  • Interrupt the anxiety
  • Stop the racing mind
  • Use the conscious mind to update the unconscious mind, where the problem resides
  • Break old habits
  • Stop catastrophising about the future
  • Trust that you’ll be OK, until you’re not

Real confidence is not about being in control, it is about feeling comfortable when you don’t know what will happen, whilst, feeling positive about your ability to respond to whatever life throws at you and to be able to choose your attitude in any given moment.

[notification style=”success” font_size=”14px”] Metaphorically, you are currently fighting with the Angel of Death – Rather than playing with the Angel of Life. Of course, the angel of death is going to get you in the end, but don’t give her a head-start! [/notification]

This product helps you to retrain your unconscious mind to let go of old outdated behaviours and beliefs which allow you to reconnect with life again in new ways, you won’t just be the old you without your fear of dying phobia, because, once you have taken the course it will re-contextualise who you are and how you will live your life, this means work, relationships, love and passion are also re-engaged with, and that just has to be a good thing! Life is for living, let us show you how to let go of your fear of death.

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