New perspectives on anxiety & depression is key to calmness

We have observed that when people become embroiled in scary emotions like anxiety or numbing emotions such as depression, they unknowingly adopt a more rigid and inflexible point of view of their predicament. It is of paramount importance that the individual does not use the negative or anxious emotional state as a reason to do (or not do things), for example; just because you feel low, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go for a walk. In fact, is is imperative, when recovering from anxiety disorders to do things despite how you feel and many of those behaviours need to stem from new perspectives on anxiety and depression.

This short (tongue in cheek) article shows some of the more common points of view taken by those experiencing anxiety and by those who are trying to help. We know that it is so important to become more flexible in your thought processes and to not take things personally whilst going through periods of experiencing anxious feelings – and to observe that there are many ways to observe anxiety. There are also many new perspectives on anxiety that can be adopted that will lead to more emotional calmness.


Perceived issue

The Emotion

What You say

What Friends Say

What Therapists Say

Anxious & depressed

Scared & out of control

Why is this happening?

Pull yourself together

Tell me about your feelings

Can’t stop thinking

Worry & analysis

I Can’t stop thinking

It will be alright

What do you think about?

Exhausted & numbed

I’m too tired to…

Take a break

Make time to rest

The emotions scare me

Overwhelming emotions

I feel out of control

Just relax and breathe

Life conspires against me


I just can’t change it

Just tell them to stop it….

What else can you do?

Escapism & control

It’s the only thing I enjoy

It doesn’t help?

How do you feel when…?

I am broken

Judging self & others

I’m not good enough

You are just fine

Who would you like to be?


I don’t know what I want

What about….?

Join some clubs

I just can’t get started

Try harder

What stops you?

What The Guru Says

Acceptance is freedom

The thoughts are not you

Quiet mind, quiet body

All emotions are good

Accept, change or fight

It’s neither good nor bad

Transcend your ego

There is nothing to do

Desire motivates


Small shifts in your perspective can open many new opportunities to free yourself

Many symptoms of anxiety and the majority of anxiety disorders are the result of using your mind to feed your fears instead of nourishing your desires. Instead of generating what you want from life, you create that which  you do not want.

As you stress and worry more, this causes you to make more mistakes and so, you begin to fuel the fears that you will fail. However, the truth is that sometime you will fail (that’s just the way it is) and it is better fail trying than to live silently, hidden away. If you become adverse to failure you weaken yourself, but, when you make errors and learn from them, you grow stronger.

If you believe that living up to your full potential may bring you too much responsibility, you unknowingly fuel the fear of success. The blunt truth is that you are always completely responsible for everything in your reality. You can never reduce your responsibility by trying to make yourself powerless. Total responsibility is inescapable. The only sensible choice is to consciously claim back your power and do the best you can with it. Focus your attention on what you want, not on what you don’t want, and accept the weighty responsibilities of life. New perspectives on anxiety will help you to overcome anxious feelings and bring more calmness into your life.

New perspectives on anxiety – what is your attitude?

Take a few moments to read through the two lists below and honestly tick the point of view you have been living from and have a think about whether that perspective is working for you. At this stage (before you start the overcoming anxiety program) don’t worry about how you will change, just consider what would make sense for you.

Attitudes that feed anxiety

I can’t do….
Victim point of view
Make excuses and cover up insecurities
Low self worth
See self as weak
Declining help
Cynicism & bitterness
Future looks bleak
Rigid, inflexible
Reject advice
Cling to positionalities
Cling to (security)
Live in past
See things as a loss
See source of happiness ‘out there’
Life is full of problems

Attitudes that feed anxiety recovery

I will (even if it scares me)
See self as ‘included’
Take action (accept vulnerability)
Worthy of love & life
See self as potentially strong
Accepting help
Trust, faith, hope
Future holds opportunity
Malleable, capable of growth
Willingly accept and seek advice
Self honesty
Let go (faith)
Live in the now
See what else is there to gain
See source of happiness ‘in here’
Life is full of solutions


Fostering new perspectives on anxiety & depression

As you discover your new perspectives on anxiety and depression by working through the Calmness In Mind Anxiety & OCD Recovery Program, you will see that there are lots of differing points of view you can take about yourself, your emotions, your life, your relationships, your job, other people, what you want etc., this is sensible advice that steers you down new roads of thinking and doing.

Perhaps it’s time to start feeding your New perspectives on anxiety, your new attitudes and taking control of the point of view you live your life from?