Learning to overcome a fear of flying?

Generally, we think it is perfectly OK to have a slight fear of flying because it is not natural to fly through the air at 500 mph, so an alertness or slight comfortableness is natural. However, if you can’t fly, feel anxious for weeks in advance of a flight or freak out in airports – then something needs to be done to overcome your fear of flying.

This flying phobia tends to manifest itself in quite a few scenarios, such as, afraid of turbulence, taking off and landing, a general fear of being out of control, claustrophobia, agoraphobia (too many people around you) a fear of leaving loved ones behind for a while and, for some, they can get themselves really wound up and anxious for weeks before the flight and during their holiday worrying about the flight back home!

Where does the fear of flying come from?

  • It was learned by watching your parents be scared.
  • It was triggered after a bad flight.
  • You are freshly in love (fear of them / you dying)
  • You are just generally anxious anyway
  • Something is not right with your life / work / relationships

There are two ways to observe a fear of flying phobia; firstly, have you always been scared of flying? And secondly, has this anxious response and nervousness about flying just come out of no where? For the first group we would call this a form of generalised anxiety disorder and for the newcomers to anxiety, we would call this a form of unconscious sabotage – where your sub-conscious mind is using disrupted flight as a sign to tell you that something is wrong with your life and needs attention. It seems that the unconscious mind tries to stop you from travelling when you are tired, unhappy or overly stressed, it tries to keep you at home.

This second type of fear of flying that comes out of the blue (or creeps up on you) is very common with business people who fly frequently and it really confuses them, because they feel stupid and often try to avoid flying or drive ridiculously long ways to avoid flying. They assume that flying is the problem, however, it is the symptom. The problem is something else needs to be addressed in their lives!

Either way, you will need to learn how to interrupt the anxiety, quieten the scary thoughts in your mind about flying and make behavioural changes to how you react in those old circumstances – that is what this fear of flying program helps you to do.

How to overcome a fear of flying phobia

The Calmness In Mind Anxiety & OCD Recovery Program teaches you all about what anxiety is, how phobias form and what you need to do to interrupt anxious feelings and quieten the incessant chatter in your mind. As you follow the instructions and listen to the recordings you’ll learn what you need to do to overcome this condition.

As you explore all the facets of anxiety you’ll see that (in the majority of instances) the fear of flying is just a symptom of the anxiety and if you were to only focus on the flying phobia the symptom would just morph to another trigger, such as, scary ruminations or obsessive behaviours – therefore, it is important to remove the anxiety from the source (your unconscious mind) so it doesn’t return.

Flying is your doorway to freedom in life, perhaps it is time to take some sensible action to end your fear of flying?