When you can’t stop thinking, anxiety is close behind

To varying extents we all have voices in our minds chatting away and usually we call that voice “me” or “me thinking.” However, when anxiety takes hold these voices can get out of control and chatter away incessantly at night or frighten you during the day with scary stories of all the things that could go wrong or what might happen to you (or others.) When this gets out of hand and you can’t stop thinking, it is probably time to rethink your contemplative strategies.

In these moments people with anxiety disorders or OCD say “I just can’t stop thinking about it, or worrying about it.” Now, if you think about it, that is a strange statement to make – I can’t stop thinking! I am thinking and I can’t stop myself! This is one of the things that confuse people who experience anxious feelings.

Why can’t I stop thinking is the wrong question – you can’t stop it is because you are consciously trying to stop something that is occurring unconsciously. Thoughts are just rising of their own accord from the unconscious parts of your mind – “the thoughts are in you, but not you” when viewed from a conscious perspective, however, we (consciously) respond to them as if they were true and look for evidence of their truth and this traps us.

There are many voices in your mind

Upon observation it becomes evident that there is not just one “voice in my head” but, many different characters running around all with differing agendas some are very judgemental, some critical, some bossy, some perfectionists, some very controlling and some very victim in their stories and behaviours.

It is so easy to jump to the conclusion that “they are me”” – well, you could take that point of view, however, it is not very helpful if a you are looking to reduce anxious feelings and overwhelming negative emotions. By recognising all the differing agendas of these unconscious characters it is possible to see that really you are listening to a class room full of children who all think they know what is best and what will happen next in your life!

Your body responds to what you hold in mind

This statement is one of the most fundamental truths about overcoming anxiety disorders, especially GAD, OCD and hypochondriacal  type issues, basically, if you have happy thoughts you are likely to get happy feelings, sexy thoughts lead to sexy feelings and scary thoughts tend to offer up scary feelings (it’s not rocket science!)

Therefore, when you follow the Calmness in Mind Anxiety Program we teach you how to break down the voices and thoughts and see them for what they are, unconscious echoes from the past, that are based on beliefs about who you (unconsciously) think you are, which affect your constant thinking and ultimately your behaviours.

Logical analytical personality types

People who are quite logical and who enjoy thinking, planning and analysing (such as, engineers, teachers, accountants, academics & medical professionals) seem to be more prone to falling into anxious or depressive phases because they tend to think too much and then try to logically analyse and understand all the thoughts that the unconscious school children keep throwing up.

Well, you won’t be able to figure it, in fact, if you could understand what they were saying you would realise they are saying “Stop Thinking!!!”

I can’t stop thinking, but who are the voices in my mind?

I used to think that the voice in my head, the “me” that talked to me all day in my mind was me, however, these days I can clearly see that it isn’t me at all. Of course, the voice is in me, but if it was me it would stop when I asked to stop and it would talk to me with love and respect – my old voice did neither of these.

As you progress on your own journey out of anxiety, I would like you to consider the philosophy that “the voice is in me, but it’s not me.”

Where do they come from?

We’d like you to consider the concept that “the voices” are our “Voice of Knowledge” – they are everything we ever learned, things our parents told us, teachers taught us, religion, things we watched on TV and all the unconscious strategies that are being used by our unconscious mind to “keep us safe.”

In my own mind I see my own voices as a swirling sea of everything I know, all spinning around in my brain – however, they don’t know how old I am, they don’t know about what I want from life, all they want is to hook my attention so I will listen to them, to give them some value, some meaning in life. They are my fears and my worries, perhaps you could say they are my old beliefs about who I am forged from my past and the events of my life, but this doesn’t mean that what they say is true, nor does it mean that what they are trying to keep me safe from is real.

They try to hook our attention

They try to hook our attention as we go through the day, and many anxious people can’t stop thinking at night as they try to sleep, because if we listen to them, if we communicate with them, then they feel good enough, they feel worthy enough, they feel that they are helping you – you need to realise that these are whiny, needy and sneaky little buggers that hook our attention and cause us to run the same old stories around and around in our head. What if this… What if that… What if it goes wrong… What if they don’t like me…..

We think we are doing the right thing by “talking” to ourselves, yet quite the opposite is true – we are continuously agitating our unconscious nervous system, devouring emotional energy and stopping ourselves from sleeping, experiencing calmness and making decisions based on our feelings.

Silence the racing mind

As you progress through the program you’ll be taught ways to be less controlling and ways to let go of perfectionist attitudes and methods to let go of fearing what others may think of you and ways to just be more comfortable with whatever happens next, which is really just another way of saying, having more confidence and self-esteem

As these control and security based needs are lessened the need to keep thinking actually reduces and this a a huge step forward in overcoming anxiety, it helps you to sleep better and it helps you to make decisions based on your feelings and your desires rather than what you think is best.

If you can’t stop thinking take action to silence your mind

There is nothing more frustrating than laying in bed, trying to sleep, and having a racing mind that won’t shut up! It emotionally fatigues your body, clouds your judgement and unstabilises relationships. The Calmness In Mind Program teaches you everything about how and why your mind is out of control and what you need to do to silence it.

Get started today, download immediately and quieten your racing mind. learn how to change “I can’t stop thinking” into a silent mind, which leads to a calm body, which leads to more energy, which leads to more motivation, then, it’s up to you where you go…