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What Is Anxiety?

What is anxiety? What are panic attacks? Welcome – This is the top level page of a section of the website where we focus on

Feeling Lost And Stuck

We all feel lost or get stuck from time to time It is very natural to get a little separated from who you think you

Locus Of Control

What is my locus of control? The term Locus of Control (LoC) is a psychological description used to categorise how much a person believes they

What Is Depression?

When anxiety leads to depression Many anxiety sufferers often find themselves stuck in depressive states and many people experiencing depression can also make themselves quite

What Is IBS?

What is IBS or spastic colon? Let’s look at Irritable Bowel Syndrome from the perspective of a person who is also experiencing stress or anxiety.

Anxiety And Your Amygdala

Learning how to retrain your mind to stop anxiety This article is going to be kept simple although it discusses a topic that is very

Fear Of Death Or Dying

Are you trapped by your fear of death? The fear of death phobia is called thanatophobia and is one of the group of anxiety provoking

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