What is the Calmness in Mind Anxiety Program?

The program is a downloadable series of mp3 recordings that teach you the what, why and how of escaping anxiety and depressive disorders. Through logical description, common sense strategies and bu helping you to change the way you think (at an unconscious level) it allows you to respond differently to life and find more emotional calmness.

What makes your overcoming anxiety disorders product different from others out there?

There are three main differences:

  1. We remove the anxiety in such a way that it is very unlikely to return.
  2. We assume anxiety & depression are the symptoms not the causes, we work on the causes rather than covering up the symptoms.
  3. Rather than 'something' being done to you, we are teaching you in great detail how anxiety works and what you need to do about it.

In addition, the content we deliver is of an extraordinarily high quality, both from a content and process point of view.

How long will it take me to recover from anxiety?

You can read bout recovery from anxiety, OCD, depression and GAD here


I can't stop thinking and worrying about everything, how can I stop this?

Learning how to quieten a racing mind and stopping the worries from spinning around in your head is one of the most important aspects of recovery, we spend a lot of time in the anxiety course teaching you new ways to silence your mind.

We do have some articles here :

What formats are the anxiety disorder downloads in?

Primarily the downloads are in mp3 format. Each anxiety & depression educational mp3 tends to be about 25 minutes long and each recording takes you along a carefully planned process. In addition, there are workbooks to complete and we recommend that you read certain other books.

The mp3 recordings fall into a few categories; some are educational, some are told from a metaphoric or story based point of view, others take you through relaxing guided imagery where we are gently working with your unconscious mind to get subtle change and the final few are very prescriptive; do this, do that, here's what we want you do etc.

How do I load the mp3 files onto my iPad or other Apple products?

As you know iPads & iPods have to have data served to them from iTunes. You will need to download the anxiety program to your PC / Mac and then import them into iTunes. You can read more about this here XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (to do)


Are your payment options secure?

When you buy these you will be redirected to a secure server verified by VeriSign where encrypted technology is used to ensure your online privacy and security. All transactions are taken in your local currency and translated to GBP at the daily exchange rate with no costs or fees. You can pay via PayPal or via your credit card. Your credit card information is not accessible by us in any way.

How are you an expert on anxiety?

We have been working in a therapeutic environment helping treat people who have anxiety disorders for many years, with special attention to OCD, generalised anxiety, intrusive thoughts and depression. Via this experience we have learned that there are common elements that everybody experiences and there are a range of interrupts and logical processes you can follow to get big changes in how you feel.

We are not medically trained (and do not claim to be experts in the biology of anxiety or depression) however, we know there are simple (and complex) common sense approaches that do  have a massive effect on easing anxious feelings and changing how a person feels about themselves. You can read our disclaimer here.

You can read testimonial from some of our face to face clients here.

What if English is not my first language?

Currently the product is only available in English (British accent) and many of the concepts discussed are done so in quite a lot of detail. Your English language skills (listening) need to be fairly good.

We will also be producing this anxiety recovery program in German and Spanish in the near future.

I find it hard to concentrate at the moment, will this be a problem?

Disrupted levels of attention and concentration are common, and to be expected, when a person has experienced high levels of anxiety, worry or depression for a prolonged period of time. The program has been constructed with a lot of modularity and structure, thus allowing you to absorb information bit by bit or in larger chunks, which ever is best for you. As much of the program is mp3 recordings you can listen and re-listen at a speed that woks for you.