What needs to happen for me to become less anxious?

Typically, when people follow the anxiety treatment program and really apply themselves they end up in a much calmer place after 3 – 6 months, after 2 weeks they have completely new points of view to observe their anxiety disorder from and the ability to interrupt the anxious feelings. Thereafter, most of the work is about ensuring that the anxiety does not come back and working on lifting the depression.

There are 5 main aspects to be considered when you decide to approach recovering from anxiety from a our perspective.

Learning to interrupt the anxiety

Within a week or two you will have learned many new ways to interrupt the anxiety, this in itself will not fix you, however, it is a huge step forward and makes the thought of a panic attack less daunting because you will have more control. You will need to practice these panic interrupts whilst you are calm so when you get anxious they are a natural response.

The emotional body recovering from stress

This is the bit that frustrates people, however, it is just nature and biology, your body and chemical balances will take 3-6 months to return to a non-anxious person level. This can’t be rushed and recognition of how this works also contributes to anxiety never returning again in your life.

Quietening your thoughts

This is probably the hardest thing you will learn to do and (to be honest) you will probably be working on this for the rest of your life, however, it is the most important thing you will learn and will change how you respond to yourself, to others and to whatever the world throws at you.

Changing how you will interact with life for the future

As you quieten your mind, you’ll realise that many of the stories in our minds are not true – perhaps you are good enough, perhaps you could do that job, perhaps you could walk  away from that relationship, perhaps you could start a company, perhaps you can chase your dreams……… The faster you identify any self-beliefs that hold you back the sooner you can get on with a new type of life. The sooner you can be OK with not worrying what others think about you and the sooner you can be OK with making mistakes – the sooner you can be a whole new you. How long does it take? Depends how much effort you put in?

Knowing what you want from life

This is often very difficult – and in many cases this step can’t even begin until month 6 because currently your emotions are flat, you are mildly depressed and nothing feels good, therefore, of course you don’t know what you want right now! But, as the fog lifts and you take back control, you’ll see that your emotions return, feelings return and good things begin to feel good again and bad things begin to feel bad again, at this point you will be able to feel what you want to do – and this is the beginning of the best phase of the journey – becoming who you want to be and doing what you want to do!