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About me – John Glanvill Anxiety, OCD & Depression Specialist & Mentor

Anxiety Treatment Specialist

Helping you to find more calmness

I would describe myself as a logical, scientific, sensible, empathetic and highly intuitive therapist, who has a wealth of experience working with undesired unconscious emotions and changing behaviours that are not taking you in the right direction. My human behaviour knowledge and the ability to calmly and succinctly help you to understand your problems (and yourself) in more detail, allows me to deliver the right psychological responses that lead you through to more emotional control, calmness and choice in your life.

For many years I have been working with people, from all walks of life, helping them find solutions to specific challenges in their personal and professional lives – Teaching them techniques that allow them to understand how the unconscious mind works more fully and to recognise where emotions come from and how to harness their power.

I specialise in treating anxiety and depression based emotions and teaching people how to foster a new relationship with themselves that leads to more calmness and self-confidence. By helping people to lessen anxious feelings, begin to love themselves more and gain a clearer vision of who they are and what they want, other issues like weight loss and insomnia naturally start to correct themselves.

“I believe passionately that therapy should be a time for learning, as well as, a time for change.”

My strong background in Psychometrics (a field of study concerned with the theory and measurement of knowledge, abilities, attitudes and personality traits) has enabled me to add a valuable new dimension to their journey of change. By helping clients to recognise and explore who they are – their beliefs (what they think they can and can’t do) and showing them how to reconnect with the comfortable natural characteristics they were born with, that over time, have been squashed and squeezed by the events in their lives (parents, school, bullies, bad experiences, religion, work, children, relationships) these all change who we think we are – and often, that person we are domesticated into – just doesn’t feel right. I help you undo these and reconnect with the flavour you were born as – and this naturally feels good.

For decades I have studied how our mind works, where our emotions come from, how anxiety/depression develop, and importantly, how we can take control of the voices that seem to race around in our heads (internal dialogue) and how we can begin to understand what it is we actually want from life.

With this newfound self-awareness, it is far easier for my clients to respond effectively to the therapies I use, as they have a new frame of reference and the newfound knowledge of how to manage emotions and how to interpret those internal voices.

Before retraining as a therapist, I was an engineer and spent many years travelling, working in China, Japan, USA, Indonesia, Philippines and all across Europe. Being exposed to these many cultures and religions certainly broadened my mind, behaviorally, emotionally and spiritually, as well as, honing my ability to focus on non-verbal communication (body language) and to go the extra step to understand people, to listen more, rather than make assumptions and rush to conclusions. The industry seems to agree that engineers seem to make great therapist as they look at problems from a different viewpoint and what to know in detail how everything works, including our minds.

My lifelong interest in the psyche of human interaction, understanding personality types and the discernment of how emotions are formed has helped me to develop a therapeutic working style that is empathetic and compassionate; however, I will push you towards your agreed outcome. Where possible, I teach you many of these therapeutic interventions, and it is important to me that we keep the sessions as light-hearted as possible.

I have extensive qualifications including; a Diploma in Integrated Mind Therapy, also, I am a qualified Master Clinical Hypnotherapist, trained in Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT and associated therapies, accredited and monitored by the National Board of Ethics.

I am also a member of the GHR (General Hypnotherapy Register) which was established to ensure a code of ethics in line with guidelines issued by the Department of Health.

  • Board Certified Hypnotist
  • Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
  • Board Certified Master Clinical Hypnotherapist
  • Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Certified NLP Practitioner
  • Diploma in Integrated Mind Therapy
  • Thomas International – Personal Profile Analyst
  • But most of all… I get a change in people, and that’s what matters

Above all, I am a logical, scientific, sensible, empathetic and highly intuitive person, who has a wealth of human behaviour knowledge and the ability to calmly and succinctly help you to understand your problems in more detail and show you a path through to more emotional control and calmness.

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