Enneagram type 9 the peacemaker

type 9 enneagram profile

I don’t want to rock the boat, I’ll keep myself to myself, I will just stay out of trouble and keep the peace.

 Enneagram type 9 personalities tend to be very instinctive and intuitive, yet don’t necessarily share their opinions with others, they are concerned with forming strong bonds and feel at peace when they have stability, support  and a clearly defined set of things to do.

When emotionally healthy type nines are generous, patient, diplomatic, forgiving and pleasant, however, if they become anxious or depressed their behaviour may deteriorate and they often become forgetful, obsessive, judgemental, needy and indecisive.

The enneagram type nine‘s greatest fear is that of loss and separation, therefore, maintaining peace and security are high on their to do list.

They dislike conflict and eagerly support others in a humble and generous manner, they are easy going (when emotionally strong) and make effective team members.

Because they find it hard to make decisions (or take responsibility for making decisions) they find it hard to motivate themselves, therefore, often lose themselves in repetitive tasks and compulsive inessential activities to avoid having to experience their emotions.

Enneagram type 9 people can often be quite controlling or passively resistant when they don’t agree with others and this can be quite annoying, they silently don’t agree with you, but won’t tell you what they think.

Type nines sit between two strong neighbours – eights (strong, dominant, fast paced)  to their left and ones (Strong, righteous, moral, intuitive) to their right, nines could do well to realise that they have many of these trait within their own nature and they need to be freed (to a limited degree).

Type 9 wing types:

Enneagram type 9 with a 8 wing is called the Referee or Mountain – steady, patient, absorbing, waiting, observant

Enneagram type 9 with a 1 wing is called the Dreamer or Anticipator – open, child-like, idealizing, starry-eyed, impatient

Type nine enneagram – Attitudes towards anxiety and depression:

Because the enneagram type nine suppress and avoid many of their opinions and emotions, that suppressed energy needs to be dealt with, as they are not keen on exercise  – often food, alcohol, anti-depressants and drugs may be used to deaden their loneliness and anxiety.

Strangely, enneagram type nine’s don’t ask for help, they just suffer in silence assuming that others understand them (but they don’t) this compounds their anxiousness and depressive feelings because the world that they would love to experience seems just out of their reach.

Profound anxiety recovery can begin when they start to see that their ‘idealised’ world just isn’t real. They need to stop ignoring problems and hoping that somebody else will fix them, they need to realise that their worth is huge and their points of view are very intuitive and relevant. They need to trust themselves enough to step out into life and actually experience it – good and bad.

Enneagram Type 9 help for anxiety and depressionThe Calmness in Mind Anxiety & Depression Treatment Program works well for Enneagram type 9 individuals by teaching them that anxiety and depression are not “to be expected” and there are many ways to help others and remain safe, whilst still participating fully in the decision making process. In addition, to realise that people are different and that judging them (to your own values) serves no purpose. By letting their guard down will allow others in and that will foster the very connection that they have always desired. By silencing that inner critical voice in their minds, they can begin to free themselves from themselves……